Thursday, June 16, 2016

July 1st deadline for research applications

The UK's CILIP Information Literacy Group provides funds of up to £10,000 for high quality research through an annual bursary scheme. The IL Group seeks "proposals that have the potential for high impact beyond HE and librarianship.... The bursary might be used, for example, to pay for staff to be released to work on a research project by funding appropriate cover for unpaid leave (2-3 months). Half the funding would be presented at the beginning of a project and the other half upon successful completion of measurable objectives. Different modes of research may attract different levels of funding; for example, a literature review may attract a lower tier of funding (£2,500), while funding for field work could range from £5,000 to a maximum of £10,000." The principal investigator (the person who leads the research) must be a member of the CILIP Information Literacy Group. A key aim is "to help practitioners to gather evidence or conduct action / field research in support of well-framed research questions." In particular ILG are interested in funding projects which:
- "demonstrate collaboration between sectors
- "have tangible, practical benefits (i.e. produce a new process or product with potential application beyond education)
- "address current issues affecting areas outside of librarianship
- "show potential for further large-scale study, dissemination and exploitation"
The next closing date for applications is 1 July 2016
Photo by Sheila Webber: candytuft, June 2016

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