Thursday, June 09, 2016

New issue of #comminfolit : Threshold concepts; Reflection; Assessment; Zines; Public librarians' skills

The latest issue of Communications in Information Literacy (CIL) (volume 10, number 1, 2016, open access) is published:
- Empowering Students to Make Sense of an Information Saturated World: The Evolution of Information Searching and Analysis by James H. Wittebols
- Two Parts Reflection, One Part Selfie: A Visual Alternative to the Minute Paper by Kellie Meehlhause
- Identifying Threshold Concepts for Information Literacy: A Delphi Study by Lori Townsend, Amy R. Hofer, Silvia Lin Hanick, Korey Brunetti
- Institutional Assessment of Student Information Literacy Ability: A Case Study by Christopher Peter Chan
- Reporting or Reconstructing? The Zine as a Medium for Reflecting on Research Experiences by Silvia Vong
- Creating an Engaging Library Orientation: First Year Experience Courses at University of California, San Diego by Crystal Goldman, Dominique Turnbow, Amanda Roth, Lia Friedman, Karen Heskett
- The Development of Digital Literacy and Inclusion Skills of Public Librarians by Konstantina Martzoukou, Joanneke Elliott[]=19
Photo by Sheila Webber: summer in Weston Park, Sheffield, June 2016

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