Friday, June 03, 2016

Reports from #ckviii day 2: Implementing Team Based Learning in an information literacy course

More from Pamela McKinney at the Creating Knowledge conference in Reykjavik! Pam writes:
"Implementing Team Based Learning in an information literacy course: Dr. Marijn Post (Presenting author), Marja Duizendstraal, Marian Van Harmelen, and Renée De Waal, Wageningen UR, Wageningen, Netherlands
"Marijn identified the challenges in motivating students to improve their IL capabilities. She heard about the team-based learning at the Lilac conference in 2014 (I also went to this session!) TBL for Il teaching has a small research evidence base, however there have been publications looking at the practical application of TBL for IL. Marijn introduced the TBL model which is available at and outlined how they implemented TBL with 1st year students in nutrition and health.
"Students did really like using the scratch card! I remember enjoying this part of the LILAC workshop session, showing that everyone likes a gimmick! The method features lots of peer discussion and also open discussion with the tutor."
"The implementation was evaluated through student feedback and a statistical analysis of students exam results to see if their grades were higher than in the previous year. The findings were that students did score higher in their exam, and that they reported spending more time than usual preparing for the class and found the individual elements of the TBL model useful for supporting their learning. Overall the librarians thought that students were more engaged and active in the IL classes."
Photo by Pam McKinney: mossy rocks at the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

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