Monday, July 04, 2016

Latest articles: health literacy

Reference Services Review volume 22 issue 2 (priced publication) has been published, with a focus on health literacy. It includes
- Health literacy: a natural role for librarians by Theresa S. Arndt
- Health literacy education: the impact of synchronous instruction by Tricia Lantzy
- Promoting health literacy within a graduate-level nutrition curriculum by Charlotte Beyer and J. Scott Thomson
- A librarian’s role in media effects health literacy by Jill R. Kavanaugh, Kristelle Lavallee, and Rima Rudd
- Health literacy and information literacy: a concept comparison by Jane Lawless, Coleen E. Toronto, and Gail L. Grammatica
- Health information: print materials assessment in public libraries by Mary Grace Flaherty and Samantha Jan Kaplan
- A conceptual approach to practitioners’ health information literacy by Ann Hallyburton
- Health literacy and libraries: a literature review by Jill Barr-Walker
- Improving health literacy: health sciences library case studies by Jean P. Shipman, Erica Lake, and Alice I. Weber
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