Tuesday, August 09, 2016

The Information Literacy Assessment & Advocacy Project (ILAAP)

The people who developed the WASSAIL assessment tool have launched The Information Literacy Assessment & Advocacy Project (ILAAP). They have a multiple choice question bank mapped to the ACRL Standards and the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy. You can use the questions freely under a Creative Commons lisence, or you can register and also get free access to the web based WASSAIL interface and reporting tool.

"The ILAAP Assessment Tool is a customizable tool that responds to the unique needs of undergraduate information literacy instruction. The tool is web-based, offering multiple-choice and qualitative questions that have been mapped to the both the ACRL Standards and the Framework. This is how it works: you select questions from a question pool that you wish to use in each session, tailoring the assessment tool to content delivered in specific sessions. After you select the questions, we send you the URL to use after you teach. Then, we send you a report summarizing the responses." This tool and its predecessors have been used by a number of institutions.

They recommend its use for first or second year undergraduates and can also be used for pre- and post-tests. The project is led by the University of Alberta, Canda, notably Nancy Goebel, Head Librarian of the Augustana Campus Library of the University of Alberta. For more information go to http://ilaap.ca

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