Friday, September 23, 2016

cfp #LOEX2017 breakout sessions

There is a call for proposals for breakout sessions at the 45th annual LOEX (US Information Literacy) conference, which will be held in Lexington, USA, on 11-13 May 2017. The theme is: Growing Stronger Together: Diversity and Community in Information Literacy. The tracks are: Pedagogy: Reaping and Sowing Transformative Teaching; Technology: Saddling Up; Leadership: Taking the Reins; Assessment: The Lay of the Land; Collaboration: Never Ride Alone; Innovations and Failures: Roots of Our Success
(I think some of these subtitles may be inspired by the fact that Lexington is famed for horses and relatively close to the home of the Kentucky Derby). Proposals for 50-minute long presentations or interactive workshops can be made. Deadline is November 18, 20
16. More details and link to the online submission form at
Photo by Sheila Webber: Top Notch Tonto in the pre-parade ring, Chester, May 2016

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