Monday, September 19, 2016

cfp #WILU2017

There is a call for papers for the Workshop for Instruction in Library Use (WILU), the Canadian conference on information literacy and issues of teaching and learning in library and information settings. Deadline for proposals is November 4, 2016. WILU will take place May 23 – 25 2017, at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The theme of the WILU 2017 conference is Engage-Expand-Explore.
"Engage: How do we engage with and beyond our communities? How do we engage with each other and with our teaching work? This may include topics such as partnerships and collaborations, peer learning, active learning, assessment, advisory groups, workload issues, and reflective practice.
"Expand: How do we support learners in asking big questions that lead to deeper learning? How do we broaden and diversify our programs and our approaches to teaching? This may include topics such as sustainability, critical librarianship and pedagogy, inquiry-based learning, and professional development.
"Explore: How do we get out of our comfort zones and reach beyond conventional practices? How do we take risks, experiment, and learn from our histories? This may include topics such as new tools, teaching in new or unique areas, and historical and theoretical issues relating to library instruction and information literacy."
Types of Sessions can be: Presentations: 45-minute sessions reporting on research, practice, or both; Lightning talks: 7-minute presentations; Posters; Workshops: 2.5-hour participatory sessions on an aspect of the theory, practice and/or social/political dynamics of teaching and learning in libraries and information settings.
For more information on how to submit your proposal go to
Photo by Sheila webber: Cranes near Waterloo Station, September 2016

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