Wednesday, November 09, 2016


I have mentioned UNESCO's #MILCLICKS initiative, and it is now launched. #MILCLICKS stands for Critical thinking and creativity, Literacy, Intercultural, Citizenship, Knowledge and Sustainability. "These are all elements that UNESCO includes in its composite concept of Media and Information Literacy (MIL)." The idea is that you use the hashtag #MILCLICKS to share tips etc. about being media and information literate. "UNESCO MIL CLICKS on social networks will share knowledge, tips and resources and provide people with insight about “how you know what you know?”. Through channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, MIL CLICKS social media strategy will engage people to play, learn and use MIL skills, know how to evaluate information and how to identify and to find credible sources. “Critical engagement goes hand in hand with encouraging people online to get involved into peace building, dialogue, promote tolerance, diversity, equality and freedom of expression,” says Alton Grizzle" [who developed the MILCLICKS concept]. A bit more information at and below is the video.

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