Thursday, December 15, 2016

Identity, Agency, and Change in Academic Libraries conference grants

The Identity, Agency, and Change in Academic Libraries conference, which takes place May 22-23, 2017 in Los Angeles, USA, is offering travel grants to attend the conference. University of Southern California Libraries "will award a total of $1,500.00 in travel grants (no more than $750.00 for a single grant), the number of grants awarded will be at the discretion of the planning committee. The committee seeks a diverse attendance of paraprofessionals, professionals, and students, especially from historically underserved communities." It doesn't say you have to be in North America to qualify, but it would be worth enquiring about that, if you aren't based there. I also can't see a deadline mentioned anywhere. The website on the conference is here and the application form is here
Photo by Sheila webber: Golden beetroots, Blackheath Farmers' Market, December 2017.

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