Friday, December 30, 2016

New articles; embedding; citations; mobile; research and practice

The latest issue (volume 42, no. 6) of The Journal of Academic Librarianship (priced publication) includes:
- The Constraints of Practice, or We Work in Libraries, That's Why We Can't Do Research by Elizabeth Blakesley
- Systematic Literature Review Informing LIS Professionals on Embedding Librarianship Roles by A. Abrizah, Samaila Inuwa, N. Afiqah-Izzati
- Measuring the Importance of Library User Education: A Comparative Study Between Fudan University and the National Taiwan Normal University by Qianxiu Liu, Patrick Lo, Hiroshi Itsumura
- Assessing Graduate Level Information Literacy Instruction With Critical Incident Questionnaires by Laura Saunders, Jenny Severyn, Shanti Freundlich, Vivienne Piroli, Jeremy Shaw-Munderback
- Why read it on your mobile device? Change in reading habit of electronic magazines for university students by Peng Wang, Dickson K.W. Chiu, Kevin K.W. Ho, Patrick Lo
- Effects of Information Literacy Skills on Student Writing and Course Performance by Xiaorong Shao, Geraldine Purpur
- Rethinking Mobile Learning in Light of Current Theories and Studies by Claudia Jennifer Dold
- User Acceptance of Mobile Library Applications in Academic Libraries: An Application of the Technology Acceptance Model by Hye-Young Yoon
- Providing Enhanced Information Skills Support to Students From Disadvantaged Backgrounds: Western Sydney University Library Outreach Program by Judy Reading
- Information Literacy in the Active Learning Classroom by Clarence Maybee, Tomalee Doan, Michael Flierl
- Citation Generators, OWL, and the Persistence of Error-Ridden References: An Assessment for Learning Approach to Citation Errors by Christy R. Stevens
- Finding and Reading Reports of Research: How Academic Librarians Can Help Students Be More Successful by Dian Walster, Deborah H. Charbonneau, Kafi Kumasi
- Patience, Persistence, and Process: Embedding a Campus-wide Information Literacy Program across the Curriculum by Glenn Johnson-Grau, Susan Gardner Archambault, Elisa Slater Acosta, Lindsey McLean
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