Friday, December 02, 2016

New articles on #dataliteracy

An interesting issue of the open access journal Journal of Community Informatics (Vol 12, No 3 (2016) focuses on Data Literacy. Articles include:
Introduction: Data Literacy - What is it and how can we make it happen? Mark Frank, Johanna Walker, Judie Attard, Alan Tygel
- Creating an Understanding of Data Literacy for a Data-driven Society Annika Wolff, Daniel Gooch, Jose J. Cavero Montaner, Umar Rashid, Gerd Kortuem
- Data Literacy defined pro populo David Crusoe (in case you are interested he defines data literacy as: "Data literacy is the knowledge of what data are, how they are collected, analyzed, visualized
and shared, and is the understanding of how data are applied for benefit or detriment, within
the cultural context of security and privacy." p.38)
- Data literacy conceptions, community capabilities Paul Matthews
- Urban Data in the primary classroom: bringing data literacy to the UK curriculum Annika Wolff, Jose J Cavero Montaner, Gerd Kortuem
- Contributions of Paulo Freire for a Critical Data Literacy: a Popular Education Approach Alan Freihof Tygel, Rosana Kirsch
- DataBasic: Design Principles, Tools and Activities for Data Literacy Learners Catherine D'Ignazio, Rahul Bhargava
- Perceptions of ICT use in rural Brazil: Factors that impact appropriation among marginalized communities Paola Prado, J. Alejandro Tirado-Alcaraz, Mauro Araújo Câmara
- Graphical Perception of Value Distributions: An Evaluation of Non-Expert Viewers' Data Literacy Arkaitz Zubiaga, Brian Mac Namee
- Some Key Challenges for Data Literacy Mark Frank, Johanna Walker
In addition I was interested in the article: Granny gets smarter but Junior hardly notices (report on a survey that students did on elders' mobile phone use, in South Africa) Isabella Margarethe Venter, Karen Renaud, Renette Blignaut
Photo by Sheila Webber: Hogwarts Express carriage. Disconcertingly, this carriage is evidently a real former railway carriage, exactly like ones I used to commute in in the 1980/90s, November 2016.

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