Friday, December 09, 2016

New issue of Information Research: self-directed learning; e-books; serious leisure; health information

The latest issue of the open access peer reviewed journal Information Research (vol. 21. no. 4) has been published. In this post I will highlight some articles in the main issue, and in the next post I will highlight some of the papers in the proceedings from the ISIC conference (a supplement to this issue)

- Cecilia Gärdén: Information literacy in the tension between school's discursive practice and students' self-directed learning ("The paper aims to create an understanding of how information literacy can be recognised in the tension between the schools' practice and the students' self-directed learning. This is done through a qualitative case study including forty-three interviews, thirty observations and seventeen documents, which gave in-depth knowledge of information activities in relation to a complex school assignment.... The findings reveal an absence of interaction about information seeking and use in the educational context, as well as a lack of common references in the form of tools and support, leading to difficulties for the students in achieving the results that were expected according to learning objectives."
- T.D. Wilson and Elena Maceviciute Publishers’ responses to the e-book phenomenon: survey results from three 'small language' markets.
- Sung Un Kim and Sue Yeon Syn Credibility and usefulness of health information on Facebook: a survey study with U.S. college students.
- Jenna Hartel, Andrew M. Cox and Brian L. Griffin Information activity in serious leisure
- Min Sook Park and Hyejin Park Topical network of breast cancer information in a Korean American online community: a semantic network analysis
- Ann Gillespie, Helen Partridge, Christine Bruce and Alisa Howlett The experience of evidence-based practice in an Australian public library: an ethnography
- Yunseon Choi Supporting better treatments for meeting health consumers' needs: extracting semantics in social data for representing a consumer health ontology
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