Sunday, January 22, 2017

New articles: badges; #ACRLFramework ; Yik Yak

College and Research Libraries News (open access, short articles) for january 2017 (vol 78, no ) includes:
- Emily Ford: To badge or not to badge?: From “yes” to “never again”. Coll. res. libr. news January 2017 78:20-21
She tried badges and felt they weren't necessarily helping with learning and critical thinking "Moreover, the majority of students seemed to miss the point that the badges curriculum aspired to help them develop critical thinking, rather than presenting hoops through which they needed to jump in order to get a good grade in their class, and to move them toward graduation and getting a job. We thought badges would help students aspire to our goals, but they were more concerned with doing everything they needed to get a good letter grade, rather than developing critical thinking skills."
- Troy Swanson: Sharing the ACRL Framework with faculty: Opening campus conversations. Coll. res. libr. news January 2017 78:12-48
- Elizabeth Price and Rebecca Richardson: Eavesdropping on the user experience: Learning how students perceive the library through Yik Yak. Coll. res. libr. news January 2017 78:16-19
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Photo by Sheila Webber: Monkey king and vintage books about searching, January 2017

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