Wednesday, January 04, 2017

New articles: Infiltrating faculty; ADDIE model; Health sciences; Threshold concepts of Writing Studies; and more

The latest issue (vol 10 no 2) of the open-access journal Communications in Information Literacy has been published. It contains the following articles, plus book reviews and an editorial celebrating 10 years of CIL.
- Beyond the Hyperbole: Information Literacy Reconsidered by Heidi Julien
- Accommodating Faculty Requests and Staying True to Your Pedagogical Ideals in the 1-Shot Information Literacy Session by Rachel Elizabeth Scott
- Don’t Use a Hammer When You Need a Screwdriver: How to Use the Right Tools to Create Assessment That Matters by Dominique Turnbow, Annie Zeidman-Karpinski
- Changing Our Aim: Infiltrating Faculty with Information Literacy by Sandra Cowan, Nicole C. Eva
- Reading for Integration, Identifying Complementary Threshold Concepts: The ACRL Framework in Conversation with Naming What We Know: Threshold Concepts of Writing Studies by Brittney Johnson, I. Moriah McCracken
- Do People Overestimate Their Information Literacy Skills? A Systematic Review of Empirical Evidence on the Dunning-Kruger Effect by Khalid Mahmood
- Information Literacy Integration as Quality Enhancement of Undergraduate Curriculum by Philip A. Smith
- Merging Information Literacy and Evidence-Based Practice in an Undergraduate Health Sciences Curriculum Map by Susan Franzen, Colleen Bannon
- Designing for Engagement: Using the ADDIE Model to Integrate High-Impact Practices into an Online Information Literacy Course by Amanda Nichols Hess, Katie Greer
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