Thursday, January 19, 2017

Webinar: information literacy training for incarcerated students

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission has organised a free webinar, February 14 2017 at 10am Central US time (which is 4pm UK time), on integrating information literacy training to incarcerated students without access to the internet: No Internet, No Problem – Leveraging Offline Technology to Prepare Inmates for Success Outside the Walls. "Computer and information literacy are essential life skills that are difficult to teach in situations without access to computers, much less without the Internet. Until recently this was exactly the experience of the incarcerated students at Lee College Huntsville Center. Using grant funds, Jeannie Colson, Lee College Huntsville Center Librarian, was able to acquire Corrections Off-line Educational Platform (COEP) developed by WiderNet and provide an internet-like experience for her students to conduct independent research. In this webinar, Jeannie will discuss how she implemented the technology, the challenges she encountered (and overcame) along the way, what she envisions for the future and, most importantly, how she has integrated the technology into her teaching to provide information literacy and technology skills to her students." Register at
Photo by Sheila Webber: Moon and tree, January 2017

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