Saturday, February 25, 2017

Online chat #critlib in business, professional, medical, health, & STEM programs

On February 27 2017 from 7pm UK time, 11am US pacific time, 2pm US Eastern time, there will be a Twitter chat as part of the regular #critlib series. The topic is critlib in business, professional, medical, health, and STEM programs, moderated by @librarianilana @kennygarciamlis @CaitlanMaxwell and @JessicaJerrit The discussion questions are: Q1. What program or discipline do you work with? What unique challenges do you see in your discipline? Q2. How are you using critical pedagogy or critical information literacy in your instruction? Q3. Why have you adopted #critlib? How has using or reflection on #critlib affected your work?
"Participating in #critlib chats requires a free Twitter account. Follow #critlib on Twitter during the time of the chat by searching for “#critlib” in the search field, then clicking on the “live” tab to see the most recent tweets. You’ll need to refresh your search periodically to see the most recent tweets pop up. ... When the chat is over, all tweets with the #critlib hashtag will be gathered together in a Storify, which provides a digital archive of the conversation." More info at
Photo by Sheila Webber: boats on the Thames, December 2017


Eva Hornung said...

He, Sheila, didn't know you could time travel:) "December 2017", eh?

Sheila Webber said...

Oops yes I noticed that yesterday and was too lazy to change it ;-( ... perhaps I will leave it like that and see whether it has any predictive power come December this year.