Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Science Literacy in Developing Countries: new report

Just published is: Davies, R. and Priestley, C. (2017). Science Literacy in Developing Countries: Landscape Survey. Hardie Wren Development Initiatives and Network for Information and Digital Access (NIDA).
The main sections are: What Is Science Literacy? (Terms applied to public science activity in the developed world; Science and the public; Public Appreciation of Science; Science Literacy; Health Literacy; Citizen Science). Science Literacy In Developing Countries (Formal education; Basic literacy; Access; Gender; International policies; The link to innovation; National policies; Science in developing countries). Science Literacy: Major Areas Of Impact Opportunity (Climate change; Biodiversity, environmental degradation and conservation; Maternal health, reproduction and birth practices).
Some key information literacy organisations are mentioned (though unfortunately with slight garbling of the names!) and there is a passing reference to information literacy when discussing literacies.
The website is at and also has links to examples of initiatives. The report is published with a Creative Commons licence

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