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New articles: Information Literacy; Information Behaviour; Information Practice

Volume 22 issue 1 of the open access journal Information Research is a huge issue, including two supplements with the proceedings of important conferences. There are lots of papers covering information behaviour, information literacy and information practice. Firstly in the regular journal, so to speak, at articles include:
- Jia Tina Du and Jelina Haines: Indigenous Australians’ information behaviour and Internet use in everyday life: an exploratory study
- Vincas Grigas, Simona Juzėnienė and Jonė Veličkaitė: ‘Just Google it’ – the scope of freely available information sources for doctoral thesis writing
-Martin D. Hassell and Mary F. Sukalich: A deeper look into the complex relationship between social media use and academic outcomes and attitudes
- Sufang Wang and Jieli Yu: Everyday information behaviour of the visually impaired in China

Proceedings of CoLIS: 9th International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science - Uppsala University, June 27-29, 2016
Contents page at Articles include:

- Louise Limberg: Synthesizing or diversifying library and information science. Sketching past achievements, current happenings and future prospects, with an interest in including or excluding approaches
- Michael Olsson and Annemaree Lloyd: Being in place: embodied information practices.
- Ola Pilerot, Björn Hammarfelt and Camilla Moring: The many faces of practice theory in library and information studies.
- Sally Irvine-Smith: Information through the lens: information research and the dynamics of practice.
- Cecilia Andersson: The front and backstage: pupils’ information activities in lower secondary school.
- Trine Schreiber: E-learning objects and actor-networks as configuring information literacy teaching.
- Syeda Hina Batool and Sheila Webber: Conceptions of school libraries and the role of school librarians: findings from case studies of primary schools in Lahore.
- Gillian Oliver: The records perspective: a neglected aspect of information literacy.
- Eamon Tewell: Resistant spectatorship and critical information literacy: strategies for oppositional readings.
- Veronica Johansson and Louise Limberg: Seeking critical literacies in information practices: reconceptualising critical literacy as situated and tool- mediated enactments of meaning.
- Jutta Haider: Controlling the urge to search. Studying the informational texture of practices by exploring the missing element.

- Hilary Yerbury and Ahmed Shahid: Social media activism in Maldives: information practices and civil society.
- John Mowbray, Hazel Hall, Robert Raeside and Peter Robertson: The role of networking and social media tools during job search: an information behaviour perspective.
- Bhuva Narayan and Medina Preljevic: An information behaviour approach to conspiracy theories: listening in on voices from within the vaccination debate.
- Fidelia Ibekwe-Sanjuan: The journey of information: how students perceive information in France using the draw and write technique.
- Jenna Hartel: Information behaviour, visual research, and the information horizon interview: three ways.
- Katriina Byström, Ian Ruthven and Jannica Heinström: Work and information: which workplace models still work in modern digital workplaces?
- Anita Nordsteien: Handling inconsistencies between information modalities - workplace learning of newly qualified nurses

Proceedings of ISIC: the information behaviour conference, Zadar, Croatia, 20-23 September, 2016: Part 2.
Contents page at Articles include:

- Camilla Moring: Newcomer information seeking: the role of information seeking in newcomer socialization and learning in the workplace
- Isto Huvila: Distrust, mistrust, untrust and information practices.
- Gunilla Widén, Farhan Ahmad and Isto Huvila: Workplace information sharing: a generational approach
- Farhanis Mohammad and Alistair Norman: Understanding information sharing behaviour of millennials in large multinational organisations: a research in progress
- Ina Fourie and Valerie Nesset: An exploratory review of research on cancer pain and information-related needs: what (little) we know
- Theresa Anderson and Ina Fourie: Falling together – a conceptual paper on the complexities of information interactions and research gaps in empathetic care for the dying
- Heidi Enwald, Maarit Kangas, Niina Keränen, Milla Immonen, Heidi Similä, Timo Jämsä and Raija Korpelainen: Health information behaviour, attitudes towards health - information and motivating factors for physical activity among older people: differences by sex and age
- Trine Schreiber: Information seeking as idea-generating and -stabilizing feature in entrepreneurship courses at university
- Anika Meyer and Ina Fourie: Thematic analysis of the value of Kuhlthau’s work for the investigation of information behaviour in creative workspaces in academic libraries

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