Monday, April 10, 2017

Using reflection to develop meta cognitive skills for IL #lilac17

The final post today from Pam McKinney at the LILAC conference and many thanks to her for these!
"Shirley Yearwood-Jackman from the University of Liverpool presented on using reflection to develop meta cognitive skills for IL. Shirley asked the question "are student self-assessments of their information literacy ability accurate?" i.e. Do they know what they don't know? Cognitive theories would suggest that students who are not information literate are not competent to judge whether or not they are information literate. Shirley showed part of this video (embedded below) which was an entertaining presentation on meta cognition.
"Students wrote a reflective journal about the IL challenges they faced while on placement, and were given guidance on how to write reflectively. A feedback session was held where the reflective writing was discussed in groups, and Shirley gave tutor feedback on the writing. It was clear from the writing that students felt challenged by being on placement, they identified gaps in their own knowledge."

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