Monday, April 10, 2017

Workshop on reflective practice #lilac17

My colleague Pam McKinney @ischoolPam
is feeding me posts from the annual LILAC conference, being held this week in Swansea, Wales. Her first bulletin is on the Workshop on reflective practice led by Sheila Corrall and Alison Pickard. Pam writes
"Sheila Corrall has a long interest in continuing professional development and reflective practice, while Alison found that reflection is a large aspect of her approach to research, and was heavily involved with CPD through the CILIP career development group. It was identified that Scaffolding is necessary for effective reflection.
"It was fascinating to hear from all the delegates in the room and the diversity of interest in reflection and reflective practice from researchers, librarians and lecturers
"Sheila highlighted the value of reflection for professional development and evidence based librarian practice, as well as an essential competence for research. It also features strongly in models and frameworks for IL. Sheila gave a comprehensive list of tools, tactics and techniques for reflective practice, some of which we have used in our teaching with students on the information literacy module. We had the opportunity to discuss some reflective frameworks. I particularly liked Driscoll 1994 "what", "so what", "now what" reflective cycle which included ideas for sentence completion. We then discussed some barriers to reflection, and the lack of reflection at school level in the UK. Time for reflection for busy librarian teachers is limited, and there could be a limited understanding of how to reflect effectively and how to implement changes within institutional constraints. It's important for people to be able to choose the model of reflection that suits them, as there was some disagreement on our table about the model we liked best."

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