Friday, May 05, 2017

Using Interdisciplinary Faculty Learning Communities to Facilitate Real Talk about Information Literacy

Interesting short paper about a successful initaitive to get faculty involved in ongoing discussion about information literacy, triggered by the new ACRL Framework for IL:
Vance, J., Lanfear, A.K. and Richey, P. (2017). Info Lit Squad Goals: Using Interdisciplinary Faculty Learning Communities to Facilitate Real Talk about Information Literacy. ACRL 2017 proceedings.
"This paper describes one institution’s efforts to create a forum for [...] faculty-librarian conversations about information literacy using a year-long topic-based Faculty Learning Community model. A Faculty Learning Community (FLC) is a “group of interdisciplinary faculty who engage in an active, collaborative, year-long program” in order to focus on “researching and testing a scholarly and pedagogical topic that is important to the larger academic community.” This newly created Information Literacy FLC discussed an early draft of the ACRL Framework, provided feedback to ACRL from a non-library perspective, and discussed other information literacy concepts and issues during its one year term. As a result, the FLC’s work continues to promote more broad-based campus conversations about how information literacy is integrated into the university’s curriculum."
Also I cannot resist mentioning first-author Jason Vance's wonderful blog about the lives and deaths of library staplers:

The ACRL 2017 conference proceedings (at include numerous other information literacy papers (in pdf form) e.g.

- Information Literacy’s Influence on Undergraduates’ Learning and Development: Results from a Large Multi-institutional Study by Kevin Fosnacht

- What Counts as Knowledge? Concrete Examples of an Abstract Concept from the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy by Nancy E. Adams, Maureen A. Gaffney, and Valerie A. Lynn

- Shifting the Discourse: Information Literacy as an Opportunity to Address Intellectual Virtues by Andrea Brooks

- Show Me the Learning: Navigating Information Literacy through Multiple Life Perspectives by Alice B. Ruleman, Laura Horne-Popp, and Robert Hallis
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