Monday, July 24, 2017

#DataLiteracy resources

There is a project, Supporting Librarians in Adding Data Literacy Skills to Information Literacy Instruction, which is funded by the (US) Institute of Museum and Library Services 2015-2017, which has a number of useful resources on its website. The goal is "to develop data and statistical literacy skills so librarians can better support critical comprehension skills in their students". The co-investogators in the project are Kristin Fontichiaro and Jo Angela Oehrli (university of Michigan).
One resource is their online book, Creating Data Literate Students, with chapters authored by various people. It is aimed at librarians teaching data literacy. The 10 chapters are:
Introduction to Statistical Literacy; Statistical Storytelling: The Language of Data; Using Data in the Research Process; Real world data fluency: How to use raw data; Manipulating data in spreadsheets; Making Sense of Data Visualization; Data presentation: Showcasing your data with charts and graphs; Deconstructing data visualizations: What every teen should know; Designing your infographic: Getting to design; Using data visualizations in the content area; Teaching Data Contexts: An Instructional Lens; Diving Lessons: Taking the Data Literacy Plunge Through Action Research
The book is here:
There is also, for example this poster, Real strategies to address fake news:
Photo by Sheila Webber: News ticker, Canary Wharf, London, July 2017

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