Thursday, August 03, 2017

Calls for papers for iConference 2018 #iconf18

There is a call for papers for the 2018 iConference, which takes place March 25-28, 2018, at my own University, the University of Sheffield, in Sheffield, UK. This is the conference organised by the iSchools association (of which we are a member) but you don't have to be in an iSchool to submit a proposal. The call closes on September 18 2017. The scope of the conference is broadly the field of information science (and that includes information literacy. For papers they say that they are looking for research papers that "push the boundaries of information scholarship, explore core concepts and ideas, and help identify new technological and conceptual configurations."
- Papers: the submission needs to be written as a full paper (not abstract); either completed research or emerging findings.
- Posters: the submission is a long abstract (effectively, a mini paper)
- Workshops (half/full day): Submission is an abstract plus a 1000 word description
- Sessions for Interaction and Engagement (SIEs): which are interactive, but (basically) shorter than workshops: Submission is an abstract plus a 1000 word description
There are also calls for submission to the iSchool Best Practices and iSchools and Industry Partnership tracks, the Doctoral Student Colloquium and the Early Career Colloquium.
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