Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Infolit of migrant workers; library in a box; preserving memories; librarians' role #wlic2017

Because I'm at an offsite session today, I'll miss these papers at the 2017 World Library and Information Conference, but I'll mention them since you can look at the full text papers if you are interested.
- Role of Information Literacy Services in Moulding Developing Countries into Knowledge-based Economies: A Case of Migrant Workers in Qatar by Zenab Ahmed (University College London, Qatar) Paper at
- Pustaka in a Box: Bridging the Digital Gaps by Japri Bujang Masli (Sarawak State Library, Malaysia), Johari Abdullah (University Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia) and Musa Ayub Abd Rahman (Sarawak State Library, Malaysia)(this is a very short paper, but a useful idea "Microcomputer is used as a server to store digital resources including e-books, articles and videos. The system is called Pustaka in a Box and it was tested in remote areas of Sarawak. Access is via local wifi from the microcomputer.")
- Where Should the Culture of Our Lives and Memory be Preserved? Rethinking the Role of the Library by Jaesun Lee (National Library of Korea, Republic of Korea)
- "Time Is Out of Joint". The Impact of Digimodernism on the Transformation of Librarian’s Role by Olga Einasto (University of Tartu Library, Estonia)- chosen for the part at the end "I believe that the promotion of information literacy training as the basic library service is very important today ... The task of the academic librarian is in facilitating student critical thinking skills and not the teaching our tedious classification schemes."
Photo by Sheila Webber: tea house, Japanese Garden, Wroclaw, August 2017

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