Friday, September 08, 2017

Short online talks on internet archive, refugees/information

The Information School of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and the Mortenson Center for International Library Programs are presenting some free online talks: the format is 15 minutes presentation + 15 minutes discussion. Forthcoming are:
- September 12 5:30-6 pm USA Illinois time (11.30-midnight UK time), in English. Don Krummel, Professor Emeritus, iSchool, speaking on The Anatomy of Bibliography
- September 21 8-8:30 am Illinois time (2pm-2.30pm UK time), in Spanish, topic/speaker to be announced.
- September 26 5:30-6 pm USA Illinois time (11.30-midnight UK time), Karen Fisher, University of Washington, on information and technology services to refugees based on her work in Syria
For more information and the updated schedule,
To attend, visit - you need flash player
Past talks are archived e.g.
- August 29 in English. Elizabeth MacLeod, Manager of Satellite Digitization Services, Internet Archive, Wilmington, NC: The Community Webs project at the Internet Archive Talk archived at

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