Friday, October 20, 2017

23things for digital knowledge #23ThingsEdUni

The University of Edinburgh has just started a 23 things initiative (where you are introduced to a new "thing" and normally have to do an activity and blog about it). The digital knowledge "things" are: Thing 2: Blogging; Thing 3: Digital Footprint; Thing 4: Digital Security; Thing 5: Diversity; Thing 6: Accessibility; Thing 7: Twitter; Thing 8: Facebook; Thing 9: Google Hangouts/Collaborate Ultra; Thing 10: Wikimedia; Thing 11: Copyright; Thing 12: Open Educational Resources; Thing 13: Video (YouTube/Vimeo/MediaHopper); Thing 14: Audio (Podcasts/SoundCloud); Thing 15: Digital Curation; Thing 16: OneNote/ClassNotebook; Thing 17: Geolocation Tools; Thing 18: Augmented & Virtual Reality; Thing 19: Altmetrics; Thing 20: LinkedIn / / ResearchGate; Thing 21: Online Games & Learning Tools; Thing 22: Fun and Play; Thing 23: Reflection. (Thing 1 is "introduction: not sure that's a real thing!)
You can still get a lot out ofit if you are not at Edinburgh University (if you ARE then there is access to extra videos, and prizes).
Photo by Sheila Webber: taken in the Deathrow Designs shop in Second Life (TM Linden Lab)

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