Saturday, November 25, 2017

Recent articles: transfer students; one box search; wesite usabilty

Seeing the latest issue of (priced publication) Reference Services Review made me realise I hadn't blogged the previous one, so I will do that first. Volume 45 issue 3 included:
- Guiding choices: implementing a library website usability study: Troy A. Swanson , Tish Hayes , Jennifer Kolan , Kelly Hand , Susan Miller (pp. 359 - 367)
- ARL instruction librarians and the one-box: a follow-up study: Ellen L. Rubenstein , Cheryl McCain , Kristal S. Boulden (pp. 368 - 381)
- Through three lenses: transfer students and the library: Anna Sandelli (pp. 400 - 414)
- Transfer student analysis and retention: a collaborative endeavor: Trudi Jacobson , John Delano , Linda Krzykowski , Laurie Garafola , Meghan Nyman , Holly Barker-Flynn (pp. 421 - 439)
- Ensuring a level playing field: creating an information literacy exam for transfer students: Vonzell Yeager , Anne E. Pemberton (pp. 454 - 471)
- Bridging the gap: Developing library services and instructional programs for transfer students at Appalachian State University: Kelly Rhodes McBride , Margaret N. Gregor , Kelly C. McCallister (pp. 498 - 510)
- Connecting information literacy instruction with transfer student success: Mark Robison (pp. 511 - 526)
- Assessing and meeting the information literacy needs of incoming transfer students: Implementing ACRL’s assessment in action program: Karen Stanley Grigg , Jenny Dale (pp. 527 - 539)
There were, in particular, other articles about transfer students, which were a special focus of the issue. Table of contents at
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