Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Open access chapters from the SAGE Handbook of Social Media

One of the co-editors to the just-published SAGE Handbook of Social Media has helpfully produced a set of links to those chapters that are available open access. The links are currently to the following chapters (the numbers are the chapter numbers in the book)
(from Part 1 Histories and Pre-histories)
3. Alternative histories of social media in Japan and China - Mark McLelland, Haiqing Yu and Gerard Goggin
4. From hypertext to hype and back again: Exploring the roots of social media in early web culture - Michael Stevenson
(from Part 2 Approaches and Methods)
5. Digital methods for cross-platform analysis - Richard Rogers
6. A computational analysis of social media scholarship - Jeremy Foote, Aaron Shaw and Benjamin Mako Hill
7. Digital discourse: Locating language in new/social media - Crispin Thurlow
8. Ontology - Nick Couldry and Jannis Kallinikos
(from Part 3 Platforms, Technologies and Business Models)
13. The affordances of social media platforms - Taina Bucher and Anne Helmond
14. Governance of and by platforms - Tarleton Gillespie
15. Social media app economies - Rowan Wilken
18. Alternative social media: From critique to code - Robert W. Gehl
(from Part 4 Cultures and Practices)
21. Trolling, and other problematic social media practices - Gabriele de Seta
23. Self-representation in social media - Jill Walker Rettberg
24. Sexual expression in social media - Kath Albury
(from Part 5 Social and Economic Domains)
26. Social media marketing - Michael Serazio and Brooke Erin Duffy
28. Social media and the cultural and creative industries - Terry Flew
30. Social media and new protest movements - Thomas Poell and José van Dijck
31. Lively data, social fitness and biovalue - Deborah Lupton
32. Social media platforms and education - José van Dijck and Thomas Poell
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