Friday, January 12, 2018

Latest issue of RUSQ: business and workplace information literacy

The latest issue of open-access Reference & User Services Quarterly (RUSQ) (volume 57, issue 2, 2017) includes (amongst other articles):
- Information Literacy: Business and Workplace Information Literacy: Three Perspectives by Elizabeth Malafi, Grace Liu, Stéphane Goldstein [The three mini articles are called: Business Empowered at the Public Library; Business Information Literacy in Academic Libraries - Challenges and Opportunities in Meeting Trends in Business Education; Workplace Information Literacy)
- From the President: Entitled to the Facts: A Fact-Checking Role for Librarians by Chris LeBeau
- A Reference for That: Reference Service: Every Time It’s Personal by David A. Tyckoson
- Including the Voices of Librarians of Color in Reference and Information Services Research by Amy VanScoy, Kawanna Bright
- “There is Nothing Inherently Mysterious about Assistive Technology”: A Qualitative Study about Blind User Experiences in US Academic Libraries by Adina Mulliken
- Understanding Appeals of Video Games for Readers’ Advisory and Recommendation by Jin Ha Lee, Rachel Ivy Clarke, Hyerim Cho, Travis Windleharth
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