Monday, January 29, 2018

Recent articles: first year students; self-efficacy; enhancing information literacy; lifelong learning

The latest issues (volume 43, no. 5 and no. 6) of The Journal of Academic Librarianship (priced publication) include (from issue 6):
- Enhancing Information Literacy Using Bernard Lonergan's Generalized Empirical Method: A Three-year Case Study in a First Year Biology Course (Pages 495-508) by Lisa Rose-Wiles, Marian Glenn, Doreen Stiskal
- Evaluation of an Embedded Program Through the Embedded Ecosystem Framework and Toolkit (Pages 532-539) by Kim Mears, Maryśka Connolly-Brown, Julie K. Gaines, Lindsay Blake, Kathy Davies, Peter Shipman, Gail Kouame
- An Academic Librarian's Search for Meaning: A Survey of Lifelong Learning in Library Literature (Pages 540-547) by Megan Hayes Mahoney
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From issue 5:
- The Out Loud Assignment: Articulating Library Contributions to First-year Student Success (Pages 409-416) by Elizabeth L. Black, Sarah Anne Murphy
- Imposed-inquiry Information-seeking Self-efficacy and Performance of College Students: A Review of the Literature (Pages 417-422) by Melissa Clark
- Factors Influencing Information Literacy Competency of College Students (Pages 443-450) by Scott Lanning, Jill Mallek
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