Monday, March 05, 2018

Call for evidence on the impact of social media and screen-use on young people’s health

The UK Government's Science and Technology Committee has launched an inquiry into the impact of social media and screen-use on young people’s health. Evidence has to be submitted by 6 April 2018. "The committee is welcoming the perspectives and experiences by children, schools and youth organisations, as well as details of any initiatives taken, including:
- What evidence there is on the effects of social media and screen-use on young people’s physical and mental wellbeing — for better and for worse — and any gaps in the evidence.
- The areas that should be the focus of any further research needed and why.
- The wellbeing benefits from social media usage, including any Apps that provide mental-health benefits to users.
- The physical/mental harms from social media use and screen-use, including safety online risks, the extent of any addictive behaviour, and aspects of social media/Apps which magnify such addictive behaviour.
- Any measures being used, or needed, to mitigate any potential harmful effects of excessive screen-use and what solutions are being used.
- The extent of awareness of any risks, and how awareness could be increased for particular groups (children, schools, social media companies, Government, etc.).
- What monitoring is needed, and by whom.
- What measures, controls or regulation are needed.
- Where responsibility and accountability should lie for such measures."
The Enquiry web page is at
Photo by Sheila Webber: snowdrops, February 2018

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