Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Webinar: Collective Learning: Developing an Instruction Community of Practice

An ACRL webinar takes place on April 11, 1-2pm US central time, which is 7-8pm UK time: Collective Learning: Developing an Instruction Community of Practice. It appears to be free. "Communities of Practice within academic libraries can provide opportunities for teaching librarians to intentionally develop strategies, confidence, and creativity while building camaraderie and teamwork skills. This online panel discussion will highlight recent efforts to establish communities of practice and recount both the successes and challenges encountered. Participants will learn more about instruction communities of practice and gather ideas that may be taken back to their institutions." Presenters are: Amanda Peters (Student Engagement Librarian University of Michigan Library), Doreen Bradley (Director of Learning Programs & Initiatives University of Michigan Library), Marybeth McCartin (Instructional Services Librarian New York University Libraries), Nicole Brown (Head, Instruction Services Division University of California, Berkeley). Register at [URL updated 9 April 2018] https://zoom.us/j/389691990
Photo by Sheila Webber: after the UCU rally on International Women's Day

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