Thursday, April 05, 2018

#lilac18 A rose by any other name would smell as sweet: integrating learning development with information literacy

Emma Thompson from University of Liverpool and Casey Beaumont from Liverpool John Moores university presented about the tension around who teaches referencing to students, with both librarians and study skills tutors wanting to “own” referencing. Emma reflects on the value of undertaking a PG Certificate in learning and teaching as a librarian, and how it was valuable to do the course with academic members of staff. Casey had come from an academic background, and worked as a learning developer and they both ended up working collaboratively, based in a library. Emma reflected on the overlap between learning development and Librarianship in terms of learning support in higher education. She looked at th extent to which academic writing is represanted in models of information literacy. It is important to start with the student, not the profession, and places services in the Library, as that is where students are working in a positive environment. Studn dont see the boundaries that professionals do, so it’s best to embrace the fuzzy boundaries to ensure less confusion for students, reduces duplication of provision and improve the process of embedding development in the curriculum. Collaboration is fun, and helps promote multidisciplinary communities of practice, and helps with future-proofing the library.

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