Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Presentations from #LOEX2018

Presentations from the US information literacy conference LOEX are now available! As usual, a treasure trove of ideas,and I have only dipped into the list: also bear in mind that some presentations are mostly pictures, without so much of an indication of the content. A few presentations that I sampled and which do have enough on the slides to give you some interesting ideas are:
- Using Wikipedia as a Lens to Explore Critical Information Literacy in Library Credit Courses by Amanda Foster-Kaufman (Instruction Librarian) @ Wake Forest University
- Taking a Giant Leap – Using the Taxonomy of Significant Learning to Inform Instructional Design by Ashlynn Kogut (Education & Social Sciences Librarian) @ Texas A&M University
- Successful Landings: The Impact of Information Literacy Instruction on Transfer Student Success by Nancy Fawley (Director, Information & Instruction Services) @ University of Vermont, Ann Marshall (Information Services and Instruction Librarian) @ Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne and Mark Robison (First-Year Experience Librarian) @ Valparaiso University
- Know News: Librarians and Journalists Collaborating to Combat Misinformation by Laura Saunders (Associate Professor) @ Simmons School of Library and Information Science, Lisa Hinchliffe (Professor & Coordinator for Information Literacy Services and Instruction.) @ University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Rachel Gans-Boriskin (Senior Lecturer) @ Simmons Gwen Ifill College of Media Arts and Humanities (there is a blog for this project at http://slis.simmons.edu/blogs/disinformation/)
- Playing with Information in the Starfleet Academy: Gamifying the For-Credit Class by Stephanie Crowe (Social Sciences and History Librarian) @ University of North Carolina Wilmington. "In Fall 2017, two instructional services librarians co-taught a for-credit honors class entitled Pandemic: Playing with Information, Misinformation, and Disinformation. Students in the class were divided into teams to play a semester-long cooperative board game called Pandemic Legacy, in which they worked together to save the world from four deadly epidemic" (I haven't put a direct link as there is a pdf of the workshop presentation, plus 5 word documents that you need to look at, go to the page linked below and search through it to find this presentation)

The LOEX presentations are all linked from http://www.loexconference.org/sessions.html
Photo by Sheila Webber: Bergen, lake, May 2018

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