Thursday, May 24, 2018

Wiki University; Postdigital Critical Pedagogy

A site I came across recently, though it has been around for years, is Wiki University, a wiki for sites/pages that aim to deliver learning. I was alerted because of a new page Wikilearning and Postdigital Critical Pedagogy, which represents a keynote delivered by Juha Suoranta at the Network Learning Conference 2018, held in Zagreb on May 15, 2018:
The Wiki University includes some learning units/sites on media literacy, though mostly a few years old: the home page is at
"Wikiversity is a site for the creation and use of free learning materials and activities. The mission of Wikiversity is to empower people to achieve their educational goals using resources produced by the free culture movement. The goal is to create a community of people on Wikiversity who support each other in their educational endeavors. " (source:
Photo by Sheila Webber:Spring flowers, May 2018

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