Monday, June 25, 2018

Digital footprint awareness & Digital assembly 2018 #DA18eu

Firstly, today and tomorrow (Tuesday 26 June 2018) there's the Digital assembly 2018 "a major annual forum that gathers more than 1,000 stakeholders and high-level policymakers to debate the EU digital policy and the implications of recent technological developments". It is too late for today's livestreaming (sorry) but there are more events tomorrow. Go to for the programme and links to the livestream.

Secondly, EAVI – Media Literacy and Citizenship and DLEARN - European Digital Learning Network are running a survey about awareness of your digital footprint. It is a research survey, so it can't be used as a self-education tool, but the research will contribute to a report which will be publically available (also, you may find the questions interesting if you are thinking of setting up digital footprint awareness quizes!) "This survey is designed to collect data relating to individuals’ awareness about their digital footprint. It will also assess the current and desired level of control exercised by citizens over their digital footprint, as well as the protections and safeguards they would like to implement in the future. The final report will be shared and discussed with the European Commission and freely available for everyone." The survey is at

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