Monday, August 13, 2018

Recent articles: information literacy and workplace learning

Middleton, L., Hall, H., Muir, L., and Raeside, R. (2018, November). The interaction between people, information and innovation: information literacy to underpin innovative work behaviour in a Finnish organisation. Paper presented at ASIS&T 2018 Annual Meeting, Vancouver. (open access)
"Investigated in this paper is the role of information literacy in the learning of innovative work behaviour in the workplace, and the associated information behaviours that allow for innovative work behaviour to develop.... The findings derive from analysis of data generated in twelve semi-structured interviews conducted within a Finnish organisation.... The analysis reveals that: (1) information literacy skills serve as a prerequisite for workplace learning; (2) information behaviours support the learning of innovative work behaviour and; (3) a variety of information sources support employees as they learn to behave innovatively."

Ain, C.T., Sabir, F. and Willison, J. (2018, early access publication). Research skills that men and women developed at university and then used in workplaces. Studies in Higher Education. (open access)
"This qualitative study probed the mismatch between graduates’ and employers’ perspectives, especially in regard to graduates’ learning orientation and investigating skills". The Research Skills Development framework which they use consists of: "Embark and clarify: embark on research and clarify the needs for knowledge, heeding ethical, cultural, and social factors; Find and generate: find information and generate relevant data, using discipline-appropriate methods; Evaluate and reflect: evaluate information and data and reflect on processes used: Organise and manage: organize information and manage the processes of research: Analyse and synthesise: analyze information and data, and synthesize new knowledge; Communicate and apply: communicate and apply new knowledge, conscious of ethical, cultural and social adaptation and flexibility."
This is interesting research, but I do find it surprising that they not only ignore research to do with information literacy & workplace learning, but they also scarcely mention Inquiry Based Learning which would seem very relevant to this framework.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Kelham Island Museum, Sheffield, July 2018

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