Thursday, September 27, 2018

The health of a musician: identifying musicians unstated/unrecognised Information needs #ecil2018

Loriene Roy presented research that took place in Austin Texas, where music and musicians are a significant part of the local economy and community, however musicians are generally quite poor, and make less money that the federal poverty level. Loriene asks: Given their low income, what do we know about musicians’ health information literacy, including health insurance literacy, which is a particular issue in the USA. They wanted to partner with an organisation that supports musicians in navigating the health insurance environment, which was HAAM: Health alliance for Austin musicians, for example getting ear plugs at reduced cost. There are 2300 HAAM members who live locally and are low earners. A survey was distributed to HAAM members, 90% responded and they all agreed that HAAM provided good services, but many had not taken advantage of the health services offered. Many musicians have vision and dental problems, and mental health is also an issue.  Students created videos to advertise HAAM services, and there is research planned for the next year including focus groups, observation of performances and content analysis of web pages and Facebook pages.

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