Tuesday, October 09, 2018

MIL in higher education; online information literacy teaching

A couple of books (not open access, published by Chandos, which is now an Elsevier imprint) - full list of chapters, with abstracts, on the web pages:
- Ingwaldsen, S. and Oberg, D. (Eds). (2017). Media and Information Literacy in Higher Education: Educating the Educators. Chandos. ISBN 978-0-08-100630-6. "written for librarians and educators working in universities and university colleges, providing them with the information they need to teach media and information literacy to students at levels ranging from bachelor to doctoral studies."

- Maddison, T. and Kumaran, M. (Eds). (2017). Distributed Learning: Pedagogy and Technology in Online Information Literacy Instruction. Chandos. ISBN 978-0-08-100598-9. "provides evidence based information on a variety of issues, surrounding online teaching and learning from the perspective of librarians."
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