Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Autoethnography in the IL classroom; IL assessment

A couple of items I spotted recently|:
- Smith, K.L.M. (2018). Counter-story as Curriculum: Autoethnography, Critical Race Theory, and Informed Assets in the Information Literacy Classroom. PhD Thesis, Queensland University of Technology. "Through a collaborative, co-constructed curriculum, drawn from the researcher's and students' lived and shared experiences, this auto-ethnographic work introduces an asset-based information literacy pedagogy. This research was conducted in a community college with primarily first generation students of color. The work intersects critical race theory, decolonizing theory and methods, and informed learning, with a Hip-Hop aesthetic of counter-stories to displace the pervasive deficit narrative with a cultural asset frame."
- Buell, J and Kvinnesland, L. (2018). Exploring information literacy assessment: Content analysis of student prefocus essays. College and Research Libraries News, 79(11). "This article chronicles our initial foray into content analysis, a fairly labor-intensive methodology, but one which allowed us to examine student approaches to the research process as narrated in their own words in the form of a prefocus essay. Our goal was to gather data that would help to inform our university library’s information literacy curriculum. What follows documents our process, methodology, results, and lessons learned in order to aid those at other institutions in their assessment planning."
Photo by Sheila Webber: winter branches, December 2018

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