Thursday, December 27, 2018

(Mis)informed podcast #misinformation

Two more podcasts have been published by the Poynter Institute in their series (Mis)informed "a podcast about fake news, fact-checking".
The 2nd episode, published on 19th December was Debunking vs. amplification "It's our job to fact check the news. But what is the line between correcting misinformation and amplifying it? In this episode, we'll talk to Ben Collins about how he reports on online extremism for NBC News. Then, we'll speak with Whitney Phillips of Syracuse University about her guidelines for journalists covering misinformation."
The 3rd episode is Is fact-checking the antidote to misinformation? "It's way easier to post fake news on social media and get a ton of clicks than it is to publish a fact check. So is fact-checking always the best way to fight misinformation? In this episode, we'll talk to Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia at the University of South Florida about how hoaxes and fact checks spread online. Then, we'll learn how Maldito Bulo founder Clara Jiménez Cruz is copying the format of misinformation to get more reach." They are at and the 3rd one is embedded below.

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