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Recent articles: Digital media and learning

The latest issue of open access journal, Comunicar has just been published with the theme Digital media and learning: Emergent forms of participation and social transformation. It is Vol. 27, no. 58, January 2019. All articles are available in both Spanish and English language version - if you follow the HTML link you will see the links to both pdfs. This issue includes:

- Designing for deep learning in the context of digital and social media by James-Paul Gee, Tempe (United States) & Moisés Esteban-Guitart, Girona (Spain)  "Deep learning and change are hard, and people will avoid them unless they are highly motivated to take on the challenge. The very basis of effective deep learning design is to attract and hold (some) people in space/site/activity through an emotionally-charged socially-shared “affinity” for a cause, idea, or endeavor and with the sorts of people who pursue that idea, endeavor, or cause. However, to truly motivate humans, that affinity needs “legs”, it must offer to take them to better places, to transport them on a journey with others with whom they feel valued and vice-versa."

- Google or Gutenberg Generation: Chilean university students’ reading habits and reading purposes by Giovanni Parodi, Valparaíso (Chile), Tomás Moreno-de-León, Valparaíso (Chile), Cristóbal Julio, Valparaíso (Chile) & Gina Burdiles, Concepción (Chile).
- Connected learning ecologies as an emerging opportunity through Cosplay by Sophia Bender, Bloomington (United States) & Kylie Peppler, Irvine (United States).
- Young people learning from digital media outside of school: The informal meets the formal by Sara Pereira, Braga (Portugal), Joana Fillol, Braga (Portugal) & Pedro Moura, Braga (Portugal).
- Distributed digital contexts and learning: Personal empowerment and social transformation in marginalized populations by Arul Chib, Nanyang (Singapore), Caitlin Bentley, Canberra (Australia) & Reidinar-Juliane Wardoyo, Nanyang (Singapore).
- Exploring the influence of the teacher: Social participation on Twitter and academic perception by Sonia Santoveña-Casal, Madrid (Spain) & César Bernal-Bravo, Madrid (Spain).
- Multiple intelligences and video games: Assessment and intervention with TOI software by Pablo Garmen, Oviedo (Spain), Celestino Rodríguez, Oviedo (Spain), Patricia García-Redondo, Oviedo (Spain) & Juan-Carlos San-Pedro-Veledo, Oviedo (Spain).

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