Friday, February 08, 2019

Recent articles: #infolit assessment; ACRL Framework; multicultural approaches; rubrics; format confusion; social justice; interdisciplinary collaboration

The latest issue of open access journal Communications in Information Literacy (volume 12 issue 2) has been published. It includes:
- Closing the Loop: Engaging in a Sustainable and Continuous Cycle of Authentic Assessment to Improve Library Instruction by Teagan Eastman, Kacy Lundstrom, Katie Strand, Erin Davis, Pamela N. Martin, Andrea Krebs, and Anne Hedrich
- Navigating Roadblocks: First-Year Writing Challenges through the Lens of the ACRL Framework by Glenda M. Insua, Catherine Lantz, and Annie Armstrong
- Meeting Students Where They Are: Using Rubric-based Assessment to Modify an Information Literacy Curriculum by Brianne Markowski, Lyda McCartin, and Stephanie Evers
- Everything Online is a Website: Information Format Confusion in Student Citation Behaviors by Katie Greer and Shawn McCann
- A Multicultural Approach to Digital Information Literacy Skills Evaluation in an Israeli College by Efrat Pieterse, Riki Greenberg, and Zahava Santo
- Librarians in the Lead: A Case for Interdisciplinary Faculty Collaboration on Assignment Design by Rachel Wishkoski, Kacy Lundstrom, and Erin Davis
- Engendering Social Justice in First Year Information Literacy Classes by Conrad R. Pegues
- Development, Interest, Self-direction and the Teaching of Information Literacy by Steve Black
- Understanding Financial Conflict of Interest: Implications for Information Literacy Instruction by Heather B. Perry
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