Friday, April 12, 2019

Doctobib #infolit

Doctobib is a collection of French-language videos aimed at those in the health and medical field, at The early ones had a "Dr House" type theme (the first is embedded below), but the recent ones are more straightforward tutorials (e.g. searching Google Scholar, or using Zotero). I discovered them because of a new article about them (in English):
Ricaud, R. (2019). DocToBib: an expanding project of video research training tutorials for interns, health students and practicians, three years later. Journal of EAHIL, 15(1). DOI: "DocToBib is a project carried out by librarians all over France to create video tutorials on research training in the medical field. This is an update on how the project evolved since 2015, on the topic of video format, collaboration between librarians, communication and practical uses of the tutorials."

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