Monday, April 01, 2019

Virtual poster session: #infolit and distance learners

The ACRL Distance Learning Section Instruction Committee have a Virtual Poster Session running from today until Friday 5 April 2019, with 35 posters about librarians teaching and supporting distance learners (Distance Library Instruction). The posters will be archived after that: if you view them this week you are also encouraged to fill out a form with feedback on how useful the poster session was.
Arbitrarily seizing some poster titles, they include:
- Reflections on Universal Design for Learning in Online Environments
- Skilled Up: Teaching Digital & Information Literacy to Adult Students for Successful College and Career Transitions
- Social Media & Persistent-Question-Asking
- Stepping Outside the Library: Reflections on my Experience as an Online Adjunct
- The Student Is Now the Teacher
- Tracking and Maintaining Online Learning Objects
- Using Accessibility Features for Online Learners
- Using Course-Specific LibGuides in Online Classes: A Case Study
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Photo by Sheila webber: daffodils, the meadows, Edinburgh, March 2019

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