Sunday, April 14, 2019

#Wikipedia: article on writing assignments, and videos #infolit

Firstly, an article: Vetter, M., McDowell, Z. and Stewart, M. (2019). From Opportunities to Outcomes: The Wikipedia-Based Writing Assignment. Computers and Composition, 52, 53–64. (open access). "This article presents select data from a recent large-scale study conducted by the Wiki Education Foundation that ... confirms and extends research from the computers and writing community. Key findings from this research include positive evaluations of Wikipedia-based assignments in general, as well as positive evaluations concerning the capacity of Wikipedia-based assignments to teach critical thinking skills, source evaluation and research, public writing, literature review and synthesis, and peer review. ... Finally, this article suggests key recommendations for teaching with Wikipedia based on these findings."

Secondly, recordings of an event held in Sydney, Australia, in March 2019.
- Pru Mitchell - Wikipedia / Wikimedia Overview: ("Pru Mitchell has been involved in the Australian chapter of Wikimedia since its inception in 2008, and currently serves as President. She is an educator and librarian, working in educational research, with a strong interest in scholarly publishing and metadata workflows for the GLAM sector.")
- Tony Naar - Wikipedia and the Australian Paralympic History project: ("Tony Naar, is facilitator of the Australian Paralympic History Project which uses Wikipedia as a platform.")
- Toby Hudson - Using Wikidata for Chemistry, Education, Australia, and #FakeNews: ("Toby Hudson is a Senior Lecturer, and Director of First Year Chemistry at the University of Sydney.")
- Panel Discussion:
Photo by Sheila Webber: Pigeons nibbling leaf shoots on a grey day, April 2019.

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