Monday, May 27, 2019

Recent articles: Learning outcomes; ACRL framework; Mexican libraries; Outreach; Facebook use

Volume 45 issue 3 (2019) of the priced Journal of Academic Librarianship includes the following articles:
- Mapping curriculum learning outcomes to ACRL's Framework threshold concepts: A syllabus study by Eleonora Dubicki

- Academic library as learning space and as collection: A learning commons' effects on collections and related resources and services by Deeann Allison, Erica DeFrain, Brianna D. Hitt, David C. Tyler

- Online information literacy instruction in Mexican university libraries: The librarians' point of view by Andrés Fernández-Ramos

- Student perceptions of information literacy skills and curriculum before and after completing a research assignment by Lyda Fontes McCartin, Stephanie Evers, Brianne Markowski

- Analyzing the use of Facebook among university libraries in Hong Kong by Ernest Tak Hei Lam, Cheuk Hang Au, Dickson K.W. Chiu

- Outreach in academic librarianship: A concept analysis and definition by Stephanie A. Diaz

- Faculty perceptions of librarian value: The moderating relationship between librarian contact, course goals, and students' research skills by Savannah L. Kelly

 - Popular research topics in the recent journal publications of library and information science by Guoying Liu, Le Yang

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