Thursday, July 11, 2019

Recent articles: Career fair information; Library anxiety; learning outcomes

Volume 45 issue 4 (2019) of the priced Journal of Academic Librarianship includes the following articles:
- Undergraduate students' experiences of using information at the career fair: A phenomenographic study conducted by the libraries and career center by Ilana Stonebraker, Clarence Maybee, Jessica Chapman
- Library Anxiety among Undergraduate Students: A Comparative Study on Egypt and Saudi Arabia by Ahmed Maher Khafaga Shehata, Mohammed Fathy Mahmoud Elgllab
- An exploratory study of the relationship between the use of the Learning Commons and students' perceived learning outcomes by Esther M.W. Woo, Alexander Serenko, Samuel K.W. Chu
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Photo by Sheila Webber: Astilbe on campus, July 2019

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