Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Webinar recordings: Communities of practice; Infolit in health sciences

Two webinar recordings. Firstly, the latest webinar from the Information Digital and Media Literacy Mindsets group (held on July 4 2019) was Communities of practice for staff development in information literacy, presented by Clare McCluskey-Dean."This webinar offered an overview of a project at York St John University (UK). Based on interviews and a survey carried out for doctoral research, a community of practice in information literacy was discovered, covering academic and professional staff across the institution." The recording is at https://youtu.be/iQ4uwE1MM7w

Secondly, on June 19 2019 Credo Reference held a webinar entitled Information Literacy in Context—Expanding Foundational Skills Instruction into the Disciplines, which focused on information literacy in the health sciences. It was delivered by Jonna Peterson, senior clinical informationist at Northwestern University, USA, and Amanda DiFeterici, instructional librarian and product manager at Credo Reference. Go to https://youtu.be/-BdCtMI4ISE
Photo by Sheila Webber: Cablecar, Taronga Zoo, Sydney, July 2019

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