Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Presentations (in German or English): infolit of engineers, business etc.

- From the IATUL seminar in Munich, December 2018 (presentations and recordings: some in English, some in German). Includes presentations on information needs of small business and of manufacturing companies, and of the hospitality industry; information skills for apprentices; Information literacy in the healthcare sector and in engineering. Go to
There are also proceedings of the information literacy strand of the IATUL conference (in English) at, for example Engineering graduates at work: Reality check for information literacy by Caroline Leiss and Pia Ludwig

- From the Bibliothekartag 2019 (all in German) numerous presentations (includes presentations on: a "didactics wheel" checklist for teaching; digital literacy; the information literacy of new engineers; developing an academic writing workshop; education for digital humanities) and (winning infolit posters)
Photo by Sheila webber: approaching Sydney, July 2019

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